My Amazing Grandmother — Review

My grandmother has always been my mom’s hero. I’ve grown up hearing daily stories about what a magnificent woman she has been. She was born in 1925 and her life has been far from easy. Her family was very poor, she had 5 siblings, and her father passed away from tuberculosis when she was just 12. A few years later her mother passed away and she and her 2 big sisters were left taking care of the whole family. She had to work odd jobs since very young age just to make sure she and her siblings don’t go to bed hungry. She never went to school as she had to work and school was just not in the cards for her although I am sure she would have aced it, she was really smart.
Despite the turbulent upbringing though she was incredibly kind- and warm-hearted woman — my mother cannot speak high enough of her and says she was quite literally the most amazing woman she has ever met. Knowing how much she suffered herself she made sure that her children — my mom and her siblings, my aunt and uncle, will never go through the same thing she did. She work 3 jobs, 100 hours a week, to make sure her own children are fed, dressed, happy and healthy and have all the opportunities she missed on.
I was just 15 when she sadly passed away, but I remember her as sweet and funny and oh so kind woman. She made the best roast and chicken noodle soup which I can almost smell just thinking about it. She was a magnificent cook making everything from scratch and an amazing housewife as well — her house was always pristine clean and had a bunch of fresh flowers in a crystal vase on the table.
So, 2 months ago was the 20-year anniversary since her passing and I was looking for ways to commemorate that. I knew it would mean the world to my mom, and to my aunt and uncle to make something special and remember grandma. Took me weeks of researching the best possible gift I can give them — something very special, unique, something they will remember and something worthy of the extraordinary woman my grandmother was. And in the end, I decided for a custom oil painting — I have this old photograph of my grandmother, which my mom loves and rightfully so, she looks so beautiful there, so radiant, and I decided to trust the reviews I read online and purchase the painting. The photo was not the best quality so made sure a select a company which can do restoration and create a flawless painting out of not perfect photo. I am glad I trusted the reviews and followed my gut because the painting turned out so much better then expected, it is absolutely brilliant, and I am so happy I found a gift which gave my grandmother justice. My mom was left in tears and said this is the best gift she had even gotten — it now proudly displayed in our living room.
I cannot thank enough for the artwork they created, it is simply stunning. Thank you, guys, and I will recommend to all my friends and family.

I attach my grandmother’s photo and the final oil painting here for you to see what I am talking about!



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